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About Dubai Shipping Agents Association (DSAA).

The DUBAI SHIPPING AGENTS ASSOCIATION (DSAA) is a brainchild of reputable members of the Shipping Agents’ community in Dubai who, with the support of the Director of the Department of Ports & Customs, identified the need for a joint representation of shipping agents doing business in the ports of Dubai.

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Delivering Convenience and Quality.

The Dubai Shipping Agents Association is a non-profit organization, not engaged in any commercial activity. In essence, it provides a forum for members to pool information, focus on items of general concern/interest, facilitate interaction with the Government Authorities and/or other relevant bodies, and foster the future development of the shipping industry in Dubai.

Our Objectives.


Promote the joint interests of the shipping agents' community in Dubai.


Foster and strengthen the relations and co - operation between shipping agents, the customs authorities and other governmental, national and international trade organizations.


Assist in the advancement of the shipping industry.


Promote the systematic and orderly training of a core of professionally qualified personnel and maintain and upgrade such skills that contribute to the shipping industry.


Regulate and promote sound business ethics and professional / appropriate conduct among registered shipping agents, in conjunction with the relevant government authorities.


Strive to perform acts which the Executive Committee may consider desirable for the collective benefit & interest of our members.

Body of DSAA.

The Body of Members consists of all members with valid membership.

It shall be competent to resolve any matter on behalf of the Association which is not explicitly conferred to the Executive Committee or a Sub-Committee by these articles of Association.

Body of Members.


Annual Meetings.


Extraordinary Meetings.


Resolutions of the Body of Members.



Sub Committees.

The Executive Committee shall appoint the following Sub-Committees.​

A decision of the Executive Committee shall define the objectives of each of the aforementioned sub-committees.

Legal & Technical Committee.


Recreation Committee.

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